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Yndako is an artistic production company focusing on video, photo and music.

Active in the media sector since 2016, Yndako is active in France and Italy, accompanying artists in the creation of adapted promotional content.


Yndako was founded by Emanuele Abete and Diego Tugnolo in late 2016.

Combining the talents of several media professionals in Turin (Mr.Even, FEAR Studios, Mark Tampone, Hype Visuals etc.), in a few months Yndako established itself as one of the most active media companies in the region.

Following its clients with solutions tailored to their needs, Yndako produces dozens of videos for emerging and established artists, seeing some of its work broadcast on RAI and MTVMusic TV programmes, as well as working for companies and events such as Reload Music Festival, Global Music Festival, Holi Fusion Festival.

Paris Concept

Headed by Emanuele Abete, in summer 2017 Yndako expanded to Paris, creating a brand new film project: 'Plumes'.

This first experience abroad allows Yndako to put down roots in the French capital, where it remains active to this day.

Yndako specialises in video production, also offering post-production services, audio recording and photo shoots. The aim is to offer a 360° artistic accompaniment, designed and adapted to the needs of each musical project.

Attention to the musical work is in fact at the heart of Yndako's work, always striving to create visual content that respects and enhances the musical aesthetics to the maximum.

Yndako's team is in fact exclusively selected from among videomakers and visual artists with a solid musical background to ensure the enhancement of the music in the final product.

Accompanying the artist from the audio recording, to mastering, then to the conception of a promotional video and photo shoot, and finally to the creation of a professional presskit, Yndako takes care of and defends its artists' projects.

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